Wednesday, May 02, 2012


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Brazil is to build a giant 'hydro electric' dam.

At Voltaire Network, on 18 April 2012, we read about how the giant dam could doom some of the Indians in Brazil.

"In total, some 20 000 to 40 000 Indians will be forced to abandon their habitat by 2015.

"When indigenous peoples are forced off their land, they often end up on the roadside or in overcrowded reserves where violence, malnutrition, disease and suicide are rife, according to the NGO Survival.

"With little immunity to external diseases, the influx of migrants during the construction of the dam puts their lives at risk...

Indian tribe boy

Brazilian indian by Ben Sutherland

"The Amerindians of the Xingu basin are the victims of an economic war since the land on which they live abounds with riches coveted by multinationals, including niobium, a mineral used to develop high-strength steel for the manufacture of pipelines.

Just a little closer...

Brazilian indian by carf

"While it is presented as a project intended to supply electricity to the Brazilian population, the mega-dam is actually mainly designed to provide the energy for bauxite mining in the State of ParĂ¡ and its transformation into aluminum for export.

"In other words, the Indians of Brazil are being sacrificed by the Rousseff government in favor of a global speculative economy, the profits of which will not benefit the Brazilians."


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