Saturday, January 28, 2012


Peter Lemesurier

According to author Peter Lemesurier, in his book "Beyond All Belief":

1. "Your triumphs and disasters, the whole unrolling tapestry of your daily life turns out to be an educational programme devised by the deeper you.

"That is why the good things always happen together, and why some days turn out to be unreleived chains of disasters.

"It is also why, if you discover one example of a new word or concept, you discover dozens at once."

2. "Once attain the level of consciousness at which you, the patient and the whole of the universe are one, and the healing takes place of its own accord."

3. "There is only consciousness...

"Fully relax into the realisation, therefore, and ultimate bliss can ensue."

4. Unconditional love... has the curious property that, of all the opposites in our world of opposites, it alone can transcend the other pole of the argument."


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