Sunday, July 03, 2011


Bouazizi, whose story turns out to be fake.

The 'Syrian Gay Girl blogger' turned out to be an American fake. (Syrian Gay Girl Blog Revealed As Fake Had News Agencies Fooled)

On 17 June 2011 the BBC reported on further doubts about the story of Mohamed Bouazizi, the so called Tunisian martyr. (Perfect symbol?)

1. The media had told us that Mohamed Bouazizi, the poorly educated 'martyr', used the internet to complain about 'injustice' and 'unemployment' in Tunisia.

It now turns out that it was someone else, a college student calling himself Mohamed Bouazizi, who posted the so called Bouazizi poetry and revolutionary songs on the web.

The media had told us that Bouazizi had been slapped across the face by a state official, called Fedia Hamdi.

It turns out that this did not happen.

Fedia Hamdi has been completely exonerated.

3. The media told us that Bouazizi set himself alight in front of the local government offices and later died in hospital.

We have seen no evidence to support this.

4. The mother and stepfather of Mohamed Bouazizi, 'the martyr', are now rich.

They now live in a large house in the upmarket Tunis suburb of La Marsa.

Many Tunisians see the original story of Bouazizi as fake.

In Tunisia, some towns renamed streets and town squares after the martyr, Mohamed Bouazizi.

The new signs are often defaced or torn-down, even in his native town of Sidi Bouzid.