Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Evidence of climate change?


"'Across North America, severe to extreme drought was present across large parts of the western U.S. and Upper Midwest, including southern Ontario, Canada, for much of 2007,' the World Meteorological Organization said...

"Major U.S. lakes shrank; Atlanta had to worry about its drinking water supply...

"In November, Atlanta's main water source, Lake Lanier, shrank to an all-time low. Lake Okeechobee, crucial to south Florida, hit its lowest level in recorded history in May, exposing muck and debris not seen for decades. Lake Superior, the biggest and deepest of the Great Lakes, dropped to its lowest August and September levels in history.

"Los Angeles hit its driest year on record. Lakes fed by the Colorado River and which help supply water for more than 20 million westerners, were only half full.

"Australia, already a dry continent, suffered its worst drought in a century, making global warming an election issue."



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