Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Madsen on Global Warming

Extract from Wayne Madsen Report, 11 October 2005:

"Legitimate scientists (not the numerous paid shills for the fossil fuel industry) and progressive politicians (including Vice President Al Gore) have warned us for years about the catastrophic effects of global warming.

"Current weather patterns and rapid polar ice cap and glacial melting are resulting in an increase in the intensity of destructive storms, persistent droughts, the emergence of mutated viruses, the decline of animal and plant species' numbers, altered animal migration patterns, increase in methane emissions from river deltas and permafrost regions, the appearance of non-native plants and insects in Arctic/Antarctic and Subarctic/Antarctic regions, and rapidly expanding "dead zones" in oceans and bays.

"The Bush administration's ignorance of global warming's impending worldwide cataclysm will soon introduce new terms and phrases into the geo-political lexicon:

Coastal and flood plain abandonment

Abandoned nation states and territories

Mass population resettlement

Cultural/linguistic/historic/zoological & botanic preservation for abandoned regions.



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