Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina; mercenaries; a 'barge striking the levee'; diversion of funds to Israel; 40,000 dead?

Some extracts from the site of Wayne Madsen:

8 September

WMR is receiving reports that mercenary private military contractors (PMCs) are now operating in the New Orleans metropolitan area...

There are unconfirmed reports of mercenaries shooting residents of New Orleans and that mercenaries are involved in burning the bodies of victims in makeshift crematoria set up throughout the city. The reported burning of bodies could be an attempt by the White House to suppress the total death count to an "acceptable," "manageable," and "spinnable" level...

September 7, 2005 -- Locals from Lakeview subdivision of New Orleans report that after Katrina passed a loose barge struck levee causing breach that flooded city.

WMR has just been informed by evacuees in Baton Rouge from Lakeview, a well-to-do New Orleans neighborhood, that the flooding of the city was caused by a loose barge striking the levee on the 17th Street Canal thus weakening the retaining wall. The breach was not caused by rising flood waters as reported by FEMA and other agencies.

Distraught evacuees want to know why the Coast Guard or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did not secure the barge. The evacuees who witnessed the barge striking the levee also want to know why the major media is not covering this story. It is not known what company owns the barge but if it is a major campaign contributor to the GOP, the answer is self-evident...

WMR has discovered that the Department of Homeland Security has, in addition to steering millions of dollars of FEMA money to GOP-connected firms, reallocated important disaster recovery funds to Israeli security and information technology contractors. DHS has even sponsored high tech fairs in Jerusalem that have provided a fast track for Israeli firms to grab a large portion of DHS's $47 billion annual budget. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA when the agency was undergoing severe budget cuts during Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge's and Joseph Allbaugh's tenure. In addition, critical DHS funds earmarked for state disaster preparedness were instead re-steered to Israeli firms that landed lucrative contracts with state homeland security offices, especially in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York...

September 6, 2005 -- Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama death toll expected at between 30 and 40,000! According to mortuary teams on the Gulf Coast, they are expecting a death toll as high as 40,000. And just like the 911 debacle, Bush is holding no one responsible or accountable for this preventable mass murderof Americans. Incompetence breeds and rewards incompetence. One day, the history books will record that George W. Bush was responsible for America's worst terrorist attack, its costliest war that was based on a pack of lies, and the deadliest natural disaster in the nation's history. 3,000 dead from 911, 2000 dead American miltary from Iraq, and 40,000 from Katrina. 45,000 dead Americans during Bush's watch. Add to that 100,000 dead Iraqis. Total lost souls who will haunt Bush for the rest of his life (if he has a conscience) - 145,000. There's your damned legacy Bush!



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