Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ethical Consumers; Corporate 'Wrongdoers'


A look at some 'corporate wrongdoers'.

Alcoa - the company that links BacoFoil with the US treasury secretary, a Mexican sweatshop and an Icelandic wilderness

Animal testing labs - the UK's five largest contract animal testing laboratories



Biotech giant Bayer - the German pharmaceutical and pesticide multinational now moving into biotechnology

Boycott Bush relaunched with up-to-date brandlist of Republican donor companies

PR firm Burson Marsteller - "perception management" for Monsanto, Philip Morrix, Union Carbide, Exxon...

Carillion - constructing tomorrow with PFI

Caterpillar - treading heavily in the Occupied Territories

Corporate accountancy firms - the big five accountancy firms that play key roles in international corporate decision-making, and their influence on how issues like labour rights and climate change are addressed.

Dole - not so sweet billion dollar fruit and flower producer and marketer.

Ford - car manufacturer and one of the engines of climate change Venture capitalists

Doughty Hanson - Britain's largest venture capital fund

Oil company ExxonMobil

Chinese state oil company Petrochina

Sara Lee - cakes, sweatshops and racism

Prison builder Serco



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